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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Titanfall 2 Dominator!

What is this website all about?

In a nutshell, this website will give you the #1 UNOFFICIAL guide to Titanfall 2!

Whether you are looking at improving your game and tweaking your skills, or you are starting from scratch and suck THIS guide will improve your game hands down!


Let’s face it!

Titanfall 2 is an AWESOME game!

It really is!

But, I have a question for you:

This question will sum up whether you need this guide or not depending on how you answer!
“Do you find Titanfall 2 frustrating and end up wishing you were better at the game?”

If you answered “No!” then this page and website will not be much use to you.


If you honestly answered:


Then, you need to read every word on this website as you will find that even as early as a few hours from now your game will improve LOTS!

The truth is:

“The Best Players Do NOT Have Faster Reactions Or Something Within Themselves That Makes Them Better Than YOU!”

What they do have is:




This is where comes in…

NOTE: The image of the book is for visualization ONLY. The product is digital and
will be delivered through the members area instantly upon purchase.

How Would You Like A TOP Titanfall 2 Player to sit you down and actually SHOW YOU how to be a better player?

Sound good?

Well, imagine asking that in the game…

You can imagine the response…

No-one will give away their secrets!

That is until NOW!

With Titanfall 2 Guru you get a COMPLETE guide to the multiplayer with ONE mission in mind:

“To Make You A Better Player FAST!”

This is WAY MORE than just a guide though.

But, what would REALLY help?

What about an ELITE player actually SHOWING you techniques to use online to win?

What about someone guiding you through every map and the strategies to use?

What about if you got the BEST loadouts for EACH game mode?

What about if you got the general strategies that make you a better player?

What about if you got information from the best players that you could use straight away in your game?

And, here is the BIG ONE…

That is what Titanfall 2 Guru is ALL about – it will give you a COMPLETE guide to the game to allow you to dominate!

So the ONLY question left is:

“Is This Guide As Good As You Say It Is?”

The Titanfall 2 guide is all about improving you in the multiplayer!

In short: “If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard most times in the game online then read on as explain what you get with this guide!”

Allow Me To Introduce Titanfall 2 Guru:

NOTE: The image of the book is for visualization ONLY. The product is digital and
will be delivered through the members area instantly upon purchase.

“The ULTIMATE Strategy Guide For Titanfall 2!”

What Do You Get:

Inside The Guide We Will Cover:

Getting Started::

This is where you REALLY want to dominate! We show you how to become a force online and start dominating with a complete written guide to all game modes, maps and the tactics you will need…

Mastering The Basics:

Starting with the basics let us show you how to make yourself competitive in the game fast...

Master The Titans And Playing As A Pilot...

Sick of trying to work out how to be 'leet with the new Titans and knowing which one to pick? We guide you through the beginner steps and which ones to go for.

It's Not About The Weapons But How You Use Them...

Let us show you how to customize your weapons to make you unstoppable...

Titanfall 2 has changed the way the game used to play!

Let us show you how to make sure you pick the best loadouts for both the pilots and your Titan so you become a better player fast!

Be The Player EVERYONE Wants On Their Team...

Master The Loadouts:

Get A HUGE advantage as we expose every map in the game and how you can have a strategic advantage EVERY time...

We also go through the perfect loadout for all game modes for both your pilot and your titan.

Never Be Last Again...

WARNING: This information will make you a VERY sought after Titanfall 2 player...

Get ready for everyone one to want YOU on their team!

Ready To Dominate Multiplayer?

Play Like A Pro!

Titanfall 2 Guru will show you how you can play like a pro ALMOST overnight...

You don't have to spend hours practicing!

Simple follow through the strategies in the guide and it is time for some MAJOR payback...

Master All Modes!

We run through all game modes whether you want to master Amped Hardpoint or Free For All – We Even Tell You How Master Coliseum Mode!

Master Multiplayer:

You will master weapons; get loadouts for both pilots and Titans that will dominate!

Let us tune up those reflexes, skills and most of all give you the edge online...

Get Ready For Some Fun!

If you want to DOMINATE online then Titanfall 2 Guru can help you there! Simply follow our guide and you will be a pro in no time!

Complete Strategies For All Maps And Game Modes!

How To Get People Begging To Have You On Their Squad!

You will also need to know what is right for you and your style of play online. This is a lot to do with the weapons you pick and the perks and wildcards you choose.

NOW Is The Time To Dominate!

Using The Titanfall 2 Guru Guide you will be able to:

  • Have more fun playing and get the edge!

  • Become a better player FAST and play the RIGHT way!

  • Progress Fast and start seeing more of the game faster!

  • Learn how to use the Titans properly and find the class that suits your playstyle!

  • Become a weapons master and know the right weapon for the right class!

  • Become one of “THOSE” players! You know the ones you HATE but wish you could play like!

  • Dominate the game and be the ENVY of other players!

  • Have more fun! Everyone wants to be the best!

I Am SO Sure You Will Love This Guide And It Will Make You A Better Player I Am Backing With A SOLID GUARANTEE:


Use the TF2 Dominator guide for a FULL 60 days!

If after using the guide at ANY time in the next 60 days if you are not happy let me know and I will give you a full refund!

Now, go and use this guide, get the EDGE and wipe the smile of those people that think they are good at this game!

How Do I Get The Titanfall 2 Guru Guide?

You can grab the full guide below at a special launch price:

NOTE: The image of the book is for visualization ONLY. The product is digital and
will be delivered through the members area instantly upon purchase.


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